Food For Thoughts : Does money make one successful?

Money is one of the most important thing nowadays as they are the medium for us to gain something in this world such as clothes, food, shelter and even going to the toilet. However, people who earn a lot of money are not the only ones who are successful. My reasons are based on the meaning of success and the time consumed to gain the money.

The term ‘only’ really critical in the claim. Because not everyone has to gain a lot of money in order to be successful. Actually, it depends on what success means for an individual. For instance, some people might want to travel the world but it is not necessary for them to have a lot of money. Of course one way to achieve that is by having a lot of money so you can buy tickets and travel via paid transportation. However,they still can travel the world without money hitch-hiking or working for tourist agencies. Plus, Albert Einstein is still considered as one of the most successful scientist as his contributions in creating the Theory of Relativity remain valid until this time. Therefore, Being successful has nothing to do with earning a lot of money.

Next, in order to earn a lot of money, people have to work hard and most of the time is used to generate money. At a point that they might loss sight of their current health. Eventually, eventhough they gain a lot of money, they fall sick. What is the point of being rich if they cannot enjoy what they have gained. Hence, in my opinion, successful people are those who take a good care of their health and enjoy the time that they have with people around him. Similarly, time has the same value of health which is impeccable as we will never attain them back when they are gone. Thus, people who are successful are people who make the most of the time.

In short, getting a huge amount of money is not the only thing that make people become successful. As Abraham Lincoln once said, “In the end, it is not the years in your life that counts but the life in your years”. From the sayings, we should not make most of the time only for generating money so that we would not regret the time that would not return.


Words for today

1. Impute – to lay the responsibility or blame for often falsely or unjustly

” I was taught that the most dangerous thing to do in argument was to impute motives to your opponent.”

2. Ditto – having the same characteristics

” another mega mall filled with chain stores selling ditto merchandise ”

3. Plaintiff – a person who sues another person or accuses another person of a crime in a court of law

” the judge ruled that the plaintiff’s lawsuit was groundless, and he dismissed it ”

4. Polarize –  to cause people or opinions to separate into opposing groups

” The current debate polarizes along lines of class and race.”

5. Demagog – a political leader who tries to get support by making false claims and promises and using arguments based on emotion rather than reason

” that politician is just a demagogue who preys upon people’s fears and prejudices “

The Relevance of Animal Farm

Animal Farm is an allegory of the failed Russian revolution of 1917. Do you think this work is still relevant now?


Animal farm has been regarded as one of the most influential work that catalyses the change in the way people of the world perceive politics and power. Contrary to popular belief, Animal farm is not a documentary of a political commentary but rather it is more of a historical commentary. For this reason, since the Russian revolution ended, historians from all over the world studied Animal Farm out of awe because of its perfect depiction of the original occurrence of the revolution. Even so, there have been speculations that claim Animal Farm was only relevant in the past because it was not widely known what a failure communism was to become back in the days. Regardless, I believe this book is still relevant because it was and it always will be a Rosetta stone to fathom the mechanism of communism and capitalism. It also symbolises the effectiveness of freedom of expression.

First and foremost, Animal Farm is a Rosetta stone to fathom the mechanism of communism and capitalism especially for the citizens of the world. In the early 20th century, citizens back then are mostly those who only follow their government’s desire without even questioning it. Why? There are various reasons why this happened but the main factors are the lack of intelligence and the existence of propaganda. According to the novel Animal Farm, propagandas are made through speeches made by animals that are smarter than others – the pigs. This kind of portrayal opened the eyes of the Russian citizens and made them realise that they were being used all along. So, what George Orwell is trying to tell the world is that these kinds of politics (capitalism and communism) only give hardship to the poor and supplies more wealth to the rich and powerful.

The next reason why I believe that it is still relevant now is that this work symbolises the effectiveness of freedom of expression. In the past, people are afraid to speak up because they are afraid that something bad might happen to them if the government finds out. Fortunately, one man that goes by the name of George Orwell steps up and gave the world his personal view through his work which eventually made people fully understand about what was happening during the Russian revolution. The effectiveness of his work proves that people should not be afraid to voice out their opinion because people’s opinion is the ones that are going to make a difference to the world.

All in all, I do believe that Animal Farm by George Orwell is still relevant now because it helps people to understand how capitalism and communism works and it also proves the effectiveness of freedom of expression

Daily dose of new words

1. Kafkaesque – having a nightmarishly complex, bizarre or illogical quality

” I think the ultimate nightmare is for you to get into a Kafkaesque situation where you know you haven’t done anything wrong . . . but for some reason you are not listened to and you are not being believed.”

2. Lukewarm – not enthusiastic, slightly warm

” The producer was lukewarm about her script.”

3. Vanity –  the quality of people who have too much pride in their own appearance, abilities, achievements, etc

” The handsome actor’s vanity was well-known.”

4. Promulgate – to make an idea or belief known to many 

” Her ideas have been widely promulgated on the Internet.”

5. Schism – a division among the members of a group that occurs because they disagree on something

” a schism between leading members of the party “

What I Dream To Be

There has been a quarrel between my dad and I regarding my future. I always wanted to explore aeronautics and space exploration but he seems to disagree with it because he claimed that it does not have a future in the business industry. Still, I believe that my passion towards this field will get me far.

Let me tell you a little bit about my passion.

Aeronautical engineering is a specification of a larger field of study which is aerospace engineering. It involves the exciting challenge of designing and developing machines that can fly. There are many category of jobs that is related to aeronautical engineering such as Flight Engineering, Mechanical & Structural Engineering ,Industrial/Production Engineering, Information Technology Software Engineering ,Systems Engineering and Test Engineering. During my time in university, I am planning on venturing my studies in avionics engineering – a hybrid of aviation and electronic engineering. The brilliant thing about aeronautical engineering is that people with a degree in this particular field of study can apply to many different kind of job specification. For example, those who have an aeronautical engineering degree are eligible to apply for a job in different departments such as manufacturing, structural design, payloads, support products and also test and evaluation. In this industry, big companies like Airbus, Boeing and West star provides scholarships and internships to fresh graduates to provide working experience in the industry.


When I was younger I have this fondness towards cars, motorcycles, trains and well, basically everything that moves. Soon after, I realise that the source of my fondness towards cars and motorcycles is the heart of the vehicle – the engine. It’s intriguing to even think about the mechanism of the engine; how such a small system can create substantial amount of energy to make tons of steel move from one place to another.  So, if a small engine of a car can fascinate me, imagine the humongous engine of a Boeing 747-800. It produces 67,000 pounds of thrust at take-off and operates at 58,000 pounds. The incredible aspect of an aircraft is how all of the components of the airplane functions together in harmony to create a fully functional flying machine. These components include the aircraft’s design (aerodynamics), electric components (avionics) and of course, the engine (mechanics).Therefore, I want to take part in a quest to create a better flying machine than the ones that exists today.


After having finished my studies, I must say that it is not easy to find a job in the airline industry locally. Even so, it is a totally different story when it comes to working overseas. Most of the big companies in this industry provide internships for newly graduated students especially for those who graduated in a university affiliated with the company. For example, every year, Boeing will scout for top 20 aeronautical engineering students in University of Washington and offer them an internship program or even a direct job offer. Other big companies also use the same approach and it is safe to say that the search for job experience in big companies won’t be hard at all if you graduated with distinction. So, I plan to gain my very first job experience in the airlines industry by working overseas. After a few years working there, I will return to Malaysia and use my work experience to revive the local airline industry in any way possible.

Words For Today

1. Obfuscate – to be evasive, unclear or confusing

” It was the trademark of San Francisco psychedelia to never put the year on a concert poster, and to obfuscate important details.”

2. Insensate – lacking sense or understanding

” the new boss is an insensate person who refuses to allow time off for funerals ”

3. Denouement – the final part of something

” In the play’s denouement, the two lovers kill themselves. ”

4. Discrepancy –  a difference especially between things that should be the same

” There were discrepancies between their accounts of the accident.”

5. Repugnant – causing a strong feeling of dislike or disgust 

” profanity is a morally repugnant practice ” 

MADPP Debate Competition – A Review

When i first heard that my teacher/mentor wanted to have a debate competition, i flipped.

Debating and I go way back. 

There was a time when i really wanted to join MRSM Kota Putra’s debate team so i tried to audition for it. When i told my senior about my intentions, he said he wanted to do the same thing. 

One fine day after i finished my physics class, that senior suddenly asked me to go to the debate room ( yeap apparently there was a room specialised for debate sessions) with him. At first i thought that we were going to ask the debate coach for an audition. How wrong was I. When we entered the room, there were three debate coaches sitting on the same desk, waiting to adjucate a debate session. And it turns out, the debate session was me versus my senior. The problem is, i didnt even know what was the motion of the debate and i didnt even know how to debate. Apparently my senior already knows about the debate session for quite some time and didnt even tell me about it. So there was I, listening to my senior’s arguments while not knowing what to argue myself – like a total moron. So i ended up saying to the coaches ” im sorry guys, i dont think debating is not my thing. ” and i left.

That was one of the kost embarrasing moments of my life.

Since that day i promised myself that i wont get anywhere near debate activities as it can bring me back to those embarrasing moments


I braced myself to accept the challenge brought forth by my teacher. I realised that debating is essential for the growth of critical thinking especially for students. I always wondered how my friends who are on my school’s debate team think. Its just that most of the motions are very complicated and very alien – for me that is. But after experiencing a debate for the first time, i understand that i have to go deeper inside a topic in order to convince people about the points that you give.

The most precious thing that i learned is that i have to face my fears because sometimes it can be very beneficial for us.

Fear comes when we fall and we fear them because we dont want to fall again.

What we dont realise that everytime we fall, we grow.